The Ordinary People Banner's Euro-Tour 1997/98

The Ordinary People Banner was created by Robin Alane Delnero aka BikeAlane in 1997. More information on the Banner on BikerAlane's homepage . It is the 2nd shroud of tourin' after Andy Strote's More Barn! Banner. A lot of Rusties signed the Banner during the H.O.R.D.E. Tour in 1997 including Members of the Band (Neil Young, Poncho Sampedro, Billy Talbot), Zeke Young and Young's manager Elliot Roberts.

banner Pic courtesy of Bikeralane

More Infos and pics on Chuck King's Homepage.

Durin' the IRF'97 Robin handed the banner over to me for taking it to Europe. Now I'm gonna try to give european rusties the opportunity to sign the banner. The banner never made it to Europe before due to the cancelled Neil Young euro-tour.

bridge logo

The First Encounter - Bridge Benefit XI, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca. 19.10.1997

On the second day having the banner in my bagpack (the second day of the Bridge School Benefit) I met Larry Cragg, Neil Young's longtime guitar technician and band-member of Neil's backing bands The International Harvesters and The Bluenotes/Ten Men Working. He received the IRF '97 shirt from Brad Brandeau before I asked him to sign the banner. Seems to be a nice guy.

Larry and me


On the day when we had to return to Europe we met Chris Horn at Starb** Coffee and his wife (sorry I forgot her name). The was the last possible chance to meet a Rustie. Together we went to our motel nearby and they signed the banner in a parking lot.


On October 20th British Airways brought the Banner to Europe.


Freiburg, Germany, Jazzhaus, The Walkabouts October 28 1997

We met my german rusties friend at a show of The Walkabouts in Freiburg October 20 1997. We layed it on the floor for Peter giving the opportunity to have a long look on the banner. The people around were stunned. This was not a Neil crowd. Maybe they thought the three of us were from a laundry. So Peter became the first european Rustie signing the Banner in Europe

Uli + Peter (Pic to be added)


Next stop . . .

The Netherlands

The pictures were taken on the annual meeting of the Dutch Neil Young Fan Club, Sunday November 9th in Nijmwegen.

Joest Groen aka I am a child

Pics courtesy of Willy Hazenberg

From the left to the right:
Jos Klassen aka Horse Power, Joest Groen aka I a a child, Ward Jager, Lucien Van Diggelem (co biographer of a Durch Neily Young book), Jos Starmans, (chairman of the Dutch Neil Young Fan Club), Michael Janssen, Jan Van Veen.

Missing on the photo, but having signed the banner at the occasion are Cor Van Der Giessen and Ton l'Abee aka Rolling home to you , the webmaster of the Fan Club.
Text courtesy of Joest Groen


The HardCoreMotherFuckers Reunion / Inofficial Rustfest 8. Februar 1998 Stuttgart / Germany

When The HardCoreMotherFuckers Reunion decided to celebrate their reunion Peter Weber invited us to his home in Leinfelden near Stuttgart. We invited the members of the german Rustring to join and so the reunion ended up in an inofficial RustFest during ther weekend of February, 7 - 9th 1998. Except Peter and me this was the first chance for the attendees to sign the Ordinary People Banner. So this was some kind of exciting after all the time we read and heard so much about the Banner and its history.
Thanks to Peter for a great weekend.

Pic courtesy of Matthias Butterweck

From the left to the right:
Peter 'Hard To Handle' Weber, Mathias 'Chemical C' Butterweck, Uli 'Some Things Never Change' Schaetzle-, Norbert 'Nobby' Knape, Joerg 'The Gambler' Wartenberg, Hartmut 'Prehistoric Bird' Weissbrodt, Stefan Kussler.

Next stop

German Neil Young Camp July 1998


Back to the USA during IRF 1998, handed over to Jim Beller.


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