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This years Neil Young Camp by the Neil Young Appreciation Society   was held in Egelsbach / Germany near Frankurt 17. - 19. July. When I tried to write a report I received a mail Nobby sent to the RustList. As I couldn't have expressed it better, here's what he wrote added by some of the pics I took

Here's Nobby's report he sent to the Rust List

"I must confess I'm a bit tired but you're lucky about any Neil content these days aren't you. Anyway this is just a little report from this year's Neil Young Camp in Germany. The camp had been held before but it was the first time that a considerable bunch of rusties took part. Organized by some friendly people (NYAS) more than 80 people from all parts of Germany gathered in a small area with tents etc. We started on Friday late afternoon and departed Sunday at noon. There were lots of bands (mainly playing Neil's tunes), some video screening (YOTH) and a little flea market.
Rusties attending were:
Peter Weber
Joachim Walter,
Christian Zeiser

Hartmut Weissbrodt
Steffen Rex
Juergen Kussler
Uli Schaetzle
Norbert Knape
and as a surprise guest to everybody: Detlev Malycha.
Some brought friends and family along, so we were quite a horde. Oh I forgot: one of the stars of theses days was Achilles, Peter's dog, who was always welcomed on- and offstage by children, musicians and ordinary people. Needless to say that the center of opur coming together was the 'ordinary People' banner,  which Uli 'the bass-man' had brought along. There were still some rusties who had to fulfill their duty and sign it and so they did. (see next page) 24bb.jpg (2485 Byte)
Of course the banner attracted the interest of a lot of people, some looking for names, some asking about the history of the whole affair etc. Peter and Uli had placed the banner between their cars, so it looked quite attractive. The organizing team was pleased, that Rust came along and was part of the game. The Banner 1
Banner 2
Let's talk about the highlights: First to mention is the first public appearance of our own HardcoreMotherfuckers (Uli, Peter and Hartmut, this
time accompanied by a drummer). Their set included Thrasher, Slowpoke, Out On the Weekend and a Catalan version of Human Highway (autopista humana). (Sorry if I forgot something) This was onstage, offstage they even tried to make their way through Ordinary People (and failed, because the music on stage started. But they tried!)
22 The Harcoremotherfuckers (incomplete) but with an unknown drummer from Leipzig's Squires
The bands I liked most were Dangerbird and Change Partners. Until yesterday saturday all bands had concentrated on well known electric stuff and played numerous versions of RITFW, Powderfinger and LAH. To me these were mere live versions of songs. The group that created an atmosphere of tension and good vibrations were Change Partners. Dangerbird
32 Dangerbird
Change Partners
34 Change Partners
Teach Your Children
Three fine voices/guitars concentrated on CSNY stuff, playing completely unpugged, even without a microphone. My personal highlights were Helplessly Hoping and Teach Your Children. They were the band, that reflected the mood of the camp. The evening ended with a collective jam of 8 musicians sitting on this tiny stage sourrounded by the sing-along audience. They played a lot of Harvest Moon songs and others and to me they sounded so much better than before when they had done Fuckin up. (Just some personal judgement.)
All day long you could see lots of smiles, friendly greetings and people talking and makoing music together who never met before. Neil may hold his hibernation, but his music has the power to create something new on it's own.

To my fellow rusties: I was very glad to meet you once again and so was my family.


people 2
27 Where are The Prehistoric Bird and The Strandpirat?

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If you're interested in some more information about the banner please go to the Ordinary People Banner's Europe Tour or to the  Larry Cragg signed the Ordinary People Banner Page ( Bridge Benefits 1997 in Mountain View, Ca.) .

Need to know who the  The HardCoreMotherfuckers  are? No problem, visit their homepage.


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